This service provides on-site support to renters/ clients who are permanently housed at Buckley Street Supportive Accommodation who:

  • have a previous or current experience of rough sleeping 
  • experience long-term or repeat homelessness.  

Unison Housing will provide tenant management services, and cohealth will provide on-site health and social support through case management.  

Service details

There are over 50 units at this social housing site and people who live there can access mental health, physical health and drug and alcohol support from cohealth. 

Supportive Housing Workers and Peer Workers will work with renters/ clients to: 

  • increase their confidence and ability to live independently  
  • improve their health and wellbeing  
  • achieve their employment, family, social, or other personal goals.  

Renters/ clients will be able to be connected with a range of cohealth services, as well as any other local health and social supports they need.  

Fees & eligibility

This is for people 18 years and over who live at the Buckley Street Supportive Accommodation site who have an experience of rough sleeping and/or long-term homelessness.  


Referrals to this service are through the Opening Doors Framework access point. For more information, email cohealth’s Buckley St Supportive Accommodation team:

These health and social support services are free for tenants of Buckley Street Supportive Accommodation.

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