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Leadership Hub

Dr. Kim Webber

Kim leads the strategy, policy, advocacy and communication work streams for cohealth.  Kim has extensive experience in national health policy and strategy spanning more than 20 years.

Kim has held senior government and advisory roles including Strategic Advisor (digital Health) to the Australian Department of Health (2019-2020), Director of the Centre for Health Equity at the University of New South Wales (2019), Strategy Lead at the Australian Digital Health Agency (2017-2019) and Chief Executive roles at the National Rural Health Alliance (2016), the Murray Darling Medical School (2012-2015) and Rural Health Workforce Australia (2006-2011).

Kim has been a Director on a number of Boards including the Royal Flying Doctors Service (Victoria), the National Rural Women’s Coalition and was a member of the Federal Government’s Long-Term Health Reform Program Board.

Kim has also worked internationally, appointed as a Technical Advisor to the World Health Organization in Geneva on their rural workforce review and was the inaugural Chair of the Policy work stream of the Global Digital Health Partnership.

Kim is excited to bring her expertise in health system strategy and policy to support the work of cohealth.