Medicare is Australia’s universal healthcare system. A Medicare card helps you access most cohealth services. If you don’t have a Medicare card, we can still help.

The purpose of Medicare is to help with the cost of health care. This page has an overview of information relevant to using Medicare to access cohealth services. Visit the Service Australia website for full information about Medicare including enrolling in Medicare as well as what’s covered by Medicare.

Understanding Medicare at cohealth

Medicare rebates and bulk billing for doctor appointments

If you see a GP at cohealth, a Medicare card is needed to get a Medicare rebate or to be bulk billed. A rebate is when you pay for the doctor’s appointment, and then get some money back from Medicare. Bulk billing means that you don’t pay anything, and Medicare pay us directly for your doctor’s appointment.

As well as a Medicare card, there are also other criteria to be eligible for bulk billing when you see a doctor at cohealth. Find out more about who is eligible for bulk billing on the Doctors page.

Medicare for young people

If you are a teenager you may share a Medicare card with your parents. Once you are aged 15 or older you can have your own Medicare card. Find out more about how to do this on the Services Australia website

Medicare for refugees and asylum seekers

Even if you can’t get a Medicare card, if you are a refugee or asylum seeker then can still use cohealth’s Refugee and Asylum Seeker Health services.

People who don’t have a current Medicare card

If you don’t have access to a current Medicare card due to your circumstances, you may still be able to access healthcare with us. You can contact us to find out more.

Can I have my fee waived?

We do on occasion allow for a fee waiver. You can contact us to find out more.

What is the difference between Medicare and MyMedicare?

MyMedicare is a free and optional program that allows you to access additional benefits with a preferred doctor that you have chosen. It does not replace Medicare. You can read our MyMedicare page to learn more.

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